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$ 100 

/ unit

100 units limited

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Pre-Order for Graze units are now open

$ 100 

/ unit
Plan Ahead! Opt for the second production run and prepare for delivery by late 2024. With just $100 per unit, you can secure your future in mowing technology. Don't miss out on this economical entry into the future of lawn care!
Purchase price of the unit is $100K plus $1K monthly subscription. Or lease for $5K per month – this includes the software and hardware.
*We offer a 3-year complete warranty on all components and a 5-year limited warranty

100 units limited

The World’s Best Electric, Autonomous Commercial Mower

Our breakthrough mower can do everything a traditional mower can do without needing a human. Users simply set the mowing boundaries and our tech does the rest. Graze Robotics ushers in a new era of eco-friendly groundskeeping with our advanced, fully electric autonomous mowers.

Modular Hardware & Adaptive Software

Best-in-class Autonomous Navigation

Night Operation

Advanced Fleet Management & Mow Zone Creation

Meets FAA Standards


Self-charge & Self-deploy

Electric Powered

40KWH allows up to 8HR run time, Ultra safety, strength long range and high charging capabilities.


Mower deck cutting size

60” wide mower deck

Battery life per day

8 hour run time

Approx. Mow Rate

13 acres / day

Mower movement top speed (MPH)

Vehicle top speed 5 MPH

Blades description

3 Metal mulching blades

Motor Speed

1500 RPM to 2900 RPM (± 5π)

Tweels tires benefits

Airless tires so they never go flat

Tweels tires benefits

Longer lasting

Tweels tires benefits

Smoother mower motion helps produce more even cut

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Investing In The Future Of Safe And Efficient Landscaping